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Lions LB Stephen Tulloch To Miss All May OTAs With Knee Tendinitis

Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch is set to miss all May OTAs with the team due to tendinitis in his knee. For more on the Lions, go to Pride of Detroit.

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young was not the only player to miss Monday's organized team activities. It was previously reported that linebacker Stephen Tulloch was on crutches and dealing with knee tendinitis. At that point, Tulloch said that it was nothing serious and that he expected to take part on team OTAs, which began on Monday.

Tulloch was not here Monday, and likely won't be available on Tuesday or Thursday - the next two sets of OTAs - either. According to Anwar Richardson on Twitter, Tulloch will miss the rest of May due to the aforementioned tendinitis:

This means that Tulloch will miss May 29, which is another day of OTAs for the team, the first since Thursday this week. There's been a lot of non-contact injuries to other teams this offseason, so it's somewhat worrying, but by all accounts, Tulloch should be fine and it's definitely possible that holding him out of May is a precautionary measure.

According to the Lions' official website, Tulloch received an injection for the tendinitis recently.