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Mikel Leshoure Learning From Marijuana Mistake

Mikel Leshoure pleaded guilty to a charge of marijuana possession May 11 and managed to walk away with just a $575 fine, which is a little over two speeding tickets. Now, with OTAs getting ready to kick off, Leshoure is 'ready to roll' and move on from the incident. He spoke to the media about it for the first time on Monday:

"You live and you learn," LeShoure said. "Everybody makes mistakes. It’s what you do after it and how you overcome those hurdles. I’ve learned and I’m making the best of my opportunities." [...]

"Just gotta be smart, man," LeShoure said. "It’s nothing specifically that I’m going to do or that I need to change, it’s just I need to be aware of my surroundings and what’s going on and just be smart and make better decisions. You make mistakes, you just gotta learn from them and move forward."

I think you know the translation of that last quote...

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