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Matthew Stafford Ranked No. 41 On 'Top 100 Players Of 2012'

NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2012" unveiled the No. 50-41 spots on Wednesday night and you might be a little surprised to hear that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford's name was called at No. 41.


Stafford became only the fourth quarterback in NFL history to pass for over 5,000 yards last season, joining the likes of Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Dan Marino. He threw for 41 touchdowns opposite only 16 picks and rocked a 97.2 quarterback rating. In a quarterbacks league, Stafford was amongst the Top 5 in all major QB categories, not to mention that he was fifth overall by fantasy football standards.


All that, yet somehow the players feel there are 40 players projected to be better than him in 2012. Judging from the short feature on Stafford, it seems like he got docked for having a weapon like Calvin Johnson and that his success in his first full season wasn't for real enough. Um, "5,000 yards is 5,000 yards."


For what it's worth, 74-percent of the votes so far say that Stafford was underrated as opposed to overrated.