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Ryan Grant Will Not Visit Detroit Lions

Amidst the rumors of the Detroit Lion's possible contract offer to running back Ryan Grant, along with Grant's rumored visit to Detroit, it turns out Grant might not be a Detroit Lion this upcoming season after all.

John Clayton told SportsCenter on Tuesday that Grant will not visit Detroit on Tuesday for both monetary and situational reasons:

To Ryan, it's not a matter of just the money. Ryan wants to make sure it's the right situation, as far as, if he has the chance to compete for the starting job, if he does have a chance to compete if he can make the right type of money with that. More so than anything else, they just couldn't come to at least a close enough money agreement that he would make that trip. (Via: Pro Football Talk)

Grant's agent, Alan Herman told the Detroit News last week that Grant would be visiting on Monday, but the visit never took place. Grant does not have a future visit scheduled with the Lions.

The 29-year old running back is looking for his first new home after spending five seasons with the Green Bay Packers. In 2011, Grant started in 14 games, rushing for 559 yards and scoring two touchdowns. Grant came into 2011 coming off of an ankle injury he suffered in 2010.

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