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Facing A Possible NFL Suspension, Nick Fairley To Attend Rookie Symposium

The oh-so-distant lockout of 2011 might have prohibited Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley from attending last summer's NFL's Rookie Symposium, but after a series of poor decisions this offseason put him under the watchful eye of commissioner Roger Goodell, the young defensive lineman willingly petitioned to join this year's event.


In an effort to gain back some of the NFL's trust, Fairley put in a special request to the league to join the second half of the four-day camp that serves as an orientation of sorts for the spring's latest draftees. "Nick knows that his actions will speak louder than his words in accepting responsibility and moving forward," team president Tom Lewand said Thursday. "Asking to attend this year’s symposium is clearly a positive action and a step in the right direction."


Whether this softens the blow of whatever the league might serve up for him in the fall or not, this is obviously a logical career decision by the second-year defensive tackle. It's clear that Fairley needs to clean up his act in a hurry if he wants to stay on the field, but it's at least good to see him trying to make amends.