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Ford Field Could Eventually Bid To Host College Football Championship Game

There was talk earlier in the year about Ford Field being a possible site for a future BCS title game, with talks spearheaded by Roger Penske. College Football has since changed its system of play, but Ford Field is still in the discussion for possible hosting duties.

Under the new playoff system instituted, the site of each year's new championship game will be decided by a bidding process and Detroit's premier football stadium could eventually be a prime candidate. Of course, there will be plenty of planing and discussion done before a bid of that type would ever be made, but the conversation has already started:

"It’s really premature," said Tom Lewand, president of the Lions and Ford Field. "We’re going to actively explore it. We’ll get together with community leaders to discuss a unified effort, but we’ll only be one part of it. "That’s what made the Super Bowl work."

Ford Field and the city of Detroit are no stranger to hosting big events, with a Super Bowl and plenty of other big sporting events under their proverbial belts.

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