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Lions WR Titus Young Speaks To Detroit Media For The First Time Since Returning

The Detroit Lions have had wide receiver Titus Young back in practice for about a week now following an altercation with safety Louis Delmas. Young was sent home from practice following the incident and missed the first week of OTAs. When he returned, he released an official statement apologizing for his actions and expressing his desire to just get back to work.

Now, Young has spoken to the Detroit media for the first time since the incident, and he says there's no hard feelings between him and Delmas or anybody else on the team, for that matter, according to the Detroit Free Press:

"I'm fine with everybody, man," Young said. "We were just joking in the training room (today), man. He just kicked my foot up in the training room, I laughed at him, and we were just joking around, just brotherly love. Just like I joke with you guys. Sometimes you guys might get on my nerves, sometimes I might get on your nerves, but it's all love."

He didn't give any details about the event but it is good to see that he's moved on. He also went on to talk about how he just wanted to get things off his chest, and then spoke to the fact that the team is bigger than any one player on it. It stands to reason that, if another player on the team did the same thing that Young did, that player would have been sent home.

The coaching staff has already moved on from the incident as well, with head coach Jim Schwartz and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan both attributing the incident to Young's youth.

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