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Nick Fairley Releases Apology After Arrests

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It's been a rough off-season for Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley. After a promising rookie season in 2011, he found himself tangled with the law not once, but twice in the past couple of months. First it was a marijuana charge in April and then a DUI in May.

Getting arrested twice isn't great publicity for either your team or yourself, and though Fairley was participating in the Lions OTAs not much was said about it by him. Friday morning, Fairley released a statement on Facebook regarding the arrests, an apology for getting into trouble and giving the team unwanted bad publicity.

After taking some much-needed time to reflect on recent incidents, and after conversations with my advisors, teammates, and members of the Lions organization, I would like to make the following statement:

I want to personally apologize to my fans, teammates and the Detroit Lions organization for bringing this unwanted attention to our team. I recognize my actions were inexcusable and I personally need to uphold the expected standard of behavior of a professional athlete. I do not take for granted this opportunity and feel blessed everyday to play in the NFL.

At this time, I am fully cooperating with the Mobile, Ala. Police Department. I am now focused on moving forward and committing my focus to football. I would like to thank everyone for your concern and understanding.

Hopefully, that will mean that Fairley will stop getting in tangles with the law in the future. He could have a bright future ahead as a football player if he can stay out of trouble.

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