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Matthew Stafford In Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks According To ESPN Cleveland

Matthew Stafford had some of the biggest potential in the NFL when he was drafted by the Detroit Lions, and started showing it off more and more as he kept on growing. Now that he's finally had a fully healthy year and led his Lions to the playoffs, he's starting to get the respect of being a top QB in the NFL.

At least, ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi thinks he is. In a list published Wednesday of the top 10 NFL Quarterbacks, Stafford cracks the list at No. 10.

10. Matthew Stafford, Lions: Has a great arm and a great receiver in Calvin Johnson to run under his rainbows. Now it’s time for him to lead his team to the next level.

Give him a bit more time and another healthy season or two and Stafford should be passing one or two of those names into the elite QB discussion. Some of the guys like Romo and Flacco have yet to achieve any Super Bowl prowess, and Stafford showed last season that he can lead the Lions to glory given enough time.