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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Detroit Lions Don't Pick Anyone, As Expected

The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft has wrapped up and, wouldn't you know it, the Detroit Lions didn't pick any players. Then again, 31 teams also did not pick any players in this draft (same as the previous year, matter of fact). The Cleveland Browns were the only team to make a pick, selecting former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon with a second-round selection.

Teams that make a selection in the supplemental draft forfeit a pick of equal value in the following draft, so the Browns will be without their second-round pick in 2013. Gordon was viewed by most as the only player really worth taking with a pick in this draft, with most suggesting that he wouldn't make it past the fourth round. It was unlikely that the Lions would have picked him with their current group of wide receivers, regardless.

The Lions have only ever picked one player in the supplemental draft, defensive back Kevin Robinson with a ninth-round selection in 1982.

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