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Lions Vs. Browns: Jim Schwartz Didn't Like Detroit's Play Against Cleveland

It is hard to take too much meaning out of the first preseason game for any NFL team considering the limited number of plays allowed for key players combined with the number of inexperienced players that see the field.

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz does care about the circumstances. He maintains high expectations for his team's execution regardless of the situation and Schwartz was not happy with what he saw from the Lions in their 19-17 preseason loss to the Cleveland Browns on Friday.

Pride of Detroit has all of Schwartz's post-game comments including his disappointment with the overall effort.

On what he liked and didn't like overall: "The biggest disappointment is the way we came out after halftime. You have a lot of guys on our second and third groups that are jockeying to try to make a good impression to make the team. We have a chance to go out 14-3 at the half, be able to get a stop, get a score and that game looks a lot different at 21-3. Instead, we let them back in the game and that was disappointing when we have guys who needed to play well in those situations and we didn't."

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