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Kellen Moore Struggles In NFL Debut, Drawing A Lot Of Negative Feedback

Kellen Moore did not perform well in his NFL debut with the Detroit Lions on Friday. There is no nice way to accurately describe his performance ... only very mean ways and somewhat realistic ways. Moore came in and, again, looked really, really bad. He went 4-for-14 on the night with no touchdowns, an interception and a whopping 40 yards. His quarterback rating was 9.8

Only one of his seven drives led to points, and that was a field goal fueled by Joique Bell and his stellar rushing performance. Five of his drives ended in punts and one ended, as noted, in an interception. So yes, we've established it was a bad performance. But there are an awful lot of extremely negative articles about how Moore doesn't belong in the NFL.

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk says that Moore doesn't look like an NFL quarterback, and has already said it looks like he won't have a future in the NFL. While that could be true, it's just odd to read after a single preseason game. Lions coach Jim Schwartz likely agrees, as he's been angry with the protection from the offensive line, saying that Moore got hit "way too often."

It's definitely worth noting that Moore fired off a couple passes just as he was being planted firmly into the ground. It's also definitely worth noting that he had a couple receivers drop passes. Still, it was definitely a poor performance, but it's clear the Lions aren't putting it all on him and want him to have more chances to shine in the NFL behind Pro Bowler Matthew Stafford.

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