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Nick Fairley Injury: Lions DT Banged Up In Tuesday's Practice

The Detroit Lions may have something to worry about when it comes to defensive tackle Nick Fairley. According to Justin Rogers of, Fairley came up with a limp during Tuesday morning's practice. Rogers called it a "heavy limp," and immediately made the comparison to last season, when Fairley broke his foot in training camp and had to miss a large portion of his rookie season.

Jim Schwartz cleared that up right away though, saying that it wasn't related:

"No, I know he was limping around today, but it wasn't anything to do with his foot," coach Jim Schwartz after practice.

Fairley apparently finished practice with the limp instead of taking to the sidelines to rest it, which seems an odd decision regardless of what the injury actually ends up being. He didn't speak with the media and it's not currently known what exactly the injury is at this point. Since he was able to finish practice, that's something of a good sign, but players have been known to play through injuries that eventually would keep them out of practice and games.

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