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Kid Rock To Create New Detroit Lions Football Anthem

As a part of the NFL's brand news Pepsi Anthems campaign, a handful of top franchises from around the league will be receiving new anthems from famous musicians heading into the new season. And just like he always does whenever the words 'sports' and 'Detroit' are paired in the same sentence, local recording artist Kid Rock jumped at the chance to contribute, and will officially write and perform the new anthem.


Kid Rock will debut his brand new song called "In Detroit" in the coming days on the official Pepsi Anthems website, and is one of five big name performers to take part in the sponsorship. Along with Kelly Clarkson (Dallas Cowboys), Travis McCoy (New York Giants), Wiz Khalifa (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Ice Cube (Oakland Raiders), Kid Rock's official team anthem will be 100% original and feature new lyrics.


In addition to a behind-the-scenes featurette that will soon be available on the website that includes both Kid Rock and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, Pepsi also plans to release download codes for each song on certain licensed Pepsi products in retail stores.