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Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Says Team Needs 'Better Players' On Special Teams After Win Over Ravens

Despite beating the Baltimore Ravens 27-12 Friday in the team's second preseason game, Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz was unhappy with the performance of his special teams during the game. And based on his comments to MLive's Anwar Richardson, Schwartz doesn't believe the problems are correctable with the current personnel:

"We got to find better players to be able to execute," Schwartz said. "You can do all the drills you want, but if a guy can't make a play, he can't make a play. We got to find guys who can kickoff cover and punt cover. We were poor in those areas.

"We got lucky because of a couple of penalties, but we were lucky."

The Lions gave up two long returns — an 85-yard punt return for a touchdown and a 55-yard kick return — but both plays were negated by Baltimore penalties. The Lions also allowed the Ravens to recover an onside kick late in the fourth quarter with the team only trailing by eight points.

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