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Roger Goodell To Visit Personally With Mikel Leshoure, Nick Fairley To Discuss Arrests

It was already reported that Roger Goodell was going to be visiting the Detroit Lions as part of his regularly-scheduled tour of NFL training camps on Thursday, but the thought that Goodell was coming to set some people straight in regards to offseason conduct was quickly extinguished -- once again, because Goodell had this scheduled months ago.

As it turns out, Goodell is going to spend a little extra time with a couple players. The Lions had seven offseason arrests this time around ... and not with seven players. Aaron Berry was already released for his multiple arrests, and the Lions have two other players on the roster who were arrested twice this offseason: running back Mikel Leshoure and defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

According to, Goodell plans to meet with Fairley and Leshoure specifically after all of Thursday's practices are wrapped up. Goodell already touched on some of the issues when he met with the team early on Thursday, but he needs to spend some extra time with those players:

"You're an NFL player," Goodell said. "You have to conduct yourself in a certain way and hold yourself to that standard. We're going to expect that, and the club is going to expect that."

Leshoure has been handed a two-game suspension by the league for his offseason issues, while Fairley has yet to get any punishment, though one is still forthcoming. Fairley still has an ongoing court case, but the league may hand out some punishment before it wraps up. Goodell wants to make it clear that this thing is not okay, so it wouldn't be surprising if Goodell handed out punishment sooner rather than later -- to Fairley and to the Lions.

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