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Calvin Johnson Says Weekly Goal Is 100 Yards Per Game

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson recently said in a video interview with ESPN the Magazine that his weekly goal is 100 yards.

Lofty target. Averaged out over 16 games, Johnson's ridiculous 1,681 yards in 2011 would have done the trick. But to set a goal of at least 100 yards a game leaves a lot of room for that number to go even higher. He added 16 touchdowns last season to boot.

"My goal is to be able to have 100 yards for my team every game. There's some games last year where I had 200 yards. ... It's freaking crazy. But you know, if I can just keep that average up to 100 yards a game, I feel like I'm helping my team, not leaving any plays on the field."

Johnson appears on the cover of the magazine. He's also this year's Madden '13 cover boy.

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