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Matthew Stafford Injury Update: Should The Lions QB Play In The Final Preseason Game?

The Detroit Lions suffered a scare on Saturday night when starting quarterback Matthew Stafford injured his non-throwing hand after it made contact with a defender's helmet. Luckily, the X-rays showed no breaks in Stafford's hand and he will be able to play in the Lions' regular season opener. The real question is whether or not he should play in the final preseason game Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills.

Mike O'Hara of asked himself that same question Monday. Initially his reaction was to sit Stafford out, but he seems to have changed his thinking:

I think Stafford is tough physically and tough mentally. Playing or sitting proves nothing. I also think there is no wrong choice on whether Stafford plays or sits out. Having said that, under Coach Jim Schwartz’s plan last year, Stafford played the first series of the last exhibition. He was on the field for four plays – two passes, to handoffs - before turning the offense over to Shaun Hill.

Starters generally play very little in the final preseason game, if at all. O'Hara is arguing that playing Stafford would not risk much. Stafford may not be in much danger if he plays, but the other side of that equation ask how much benefit there would be in one series for a veteran quarterback.

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