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Kid Rock Releases 'In Detroit' Anthem For Lions

After much anticipation, Detroit recording artist Kid Rock finally released his Lions anthem 'In Detroit' on Wednesday in partnership with Pepsi and the NFL.


The platinum-selling musician was one of five popular artists to create an original song for five of the biggest franchises in the sport, joining Kelly Clarkston (Dallas Cowboys), Travis McCoy (New York Giants), Wiz Khalifa (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Ice Cube (Oakland Raiders) in the promotion.


Kid Rock's debut marked the third installment in the series, and represents by far the most regionally impressive of the three that have been released The rocker's new song includes a catch chorus of "that's how we do it in Detroit," and also touches on many of the Detroit-area themes that local fans have come to expect in Kid Rock's music. While it's unknown if the tune will actually catch on with Lions football fans this season, there's no denying how beloved Kid Rock is with local residents for doing stuff just like this.