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Lions Vs. Rams: NFL Admits There Was Clock Error At End Of Game

The National Football League has confirmed Jeff Fisher's allegation that there was a time-keeping error at the end of Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and the St. Louis Rams.

With the scores tied at 20, Jeff Fisher's Rams held the ball, and planned to run out some more clock before kicking the game-winning field goal. That was the plan, at least.

With 2:38 remaining, the Rams would have to run only one more play before the two-minute warning. But a mistake by the clock operator froze the clock for a few seconds, thereby forcing the Rams to run two plays before the 2:00 mark.

This, essentially, gave Matthew Stafford and the Lions an extra timeout. They then marched down the field and Stafford passed to Kevin Smith for the game-winning touchdown with 10 seconds remaining.

Coach Fisher was frustrated, but conceded, "There was an error, I did report it to the league, and that's all I can do."

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