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Lions' John Wendling Fined For Hit On Alex Smith

Lions safety John Wendling received a $7,875 hit for his hit on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

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Lions safety John Wendling has received a $7,875 fine for a hit on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith during Sunday night football that led to a cut on Smith's nose, according to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora.

While many contended that the slide that led to the bloody nose for Smith was a late one, a forearm from Wendling caught Smith in the head and caused his head to snap back as he went to the ground. There was a flag on the play, but it was for holding and caused the play to come back, while Wendling's hit went un-penalized.

The $7,875 fine isn't much in comparison to similar incidents, as Kenny Phillips reportedly drew a $30,000 fine for an unnecessary roughness penalty. However, the hit did provide us with this wonderful GIF from Sunday night.


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