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2012 NFL power rankings: Lions take big fall

The Lions are among the biggest losers in this week's NFL power rankings from around the web, plummeting several spots following their loss to the Titans.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The Detroit Lions lost to the Tennessee Titans and as a result crashed down the various NFL power rankings this week. Matthew Stafford looked average at best before getting injured, and the Lions let a previously inept Titans team put up 44 points. It's clear the Lions are having some struggles and all the power rankings are taking note.

In Joel Thorman's power rankings at SB Nation the Lions fell all the way from 12th to 20th, tied with the Saints for the biggest drop of any team.

20. Detroit Lions (LW: 12, 1-2): It's early and things can (and likely will) change but if Matthew Stafford can't play next week and the Lions drop to 1-3, that's a hell of a hole to dig yourself out of.

The Lions hope Stafford is ready to go when they host the Vikings on Sunday, but as of Tuesday his status was unknown. At Fox Sports, Brian Billick derides Stafford's abilities as he drops the Lions from 11th to 20th.

Heading into the season, I had all but given Matthew Stafford elite quarterback status. Boy was I wrong. He hasn't even looked average, and now has more interceptions than he does touchdowns.

Regardless, the Lions' problems go beyond the health of Stafford. At ESPN the Lions only dropped five spots, from 13th down to 18th. And Elliot Harrison at has the Lions slipping from 13th to 19th. That gives the Lions an average ranking of 19.25.

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