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Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz Explains Kellen Moore's Inclusion On Roster

Former Boise State University quarterback Kellen Moore made the Detroit Lions' 53-man roster, as was reported on Friday. On Monday, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz offered up an explanation for his decision: the team simply felt he was one of 53 best players remaining in camp.

"Quarterbacks are a commodity," Schwartz said. "It's a very important position, and we liked what we saw from Kellen. We wanted to find a way to keep the best 53. We thought he was one of them."

Pride Of Detroit's Sean Yuille isn't sure that there is a justification for three quarterbacks on the roster, and hopes that Moore won't see any playing time, though only because that would mean the team's best interests are being met.

The hope for the Lions is that Moore won't even dress once during 2012. The only way he will be active on game day is if an injury happens with Matthew Stafford or Shaun Hill. The best-case scenario would be for him to end up like Drew Stanton in 2011 and not be active for a single game. In practice he will obviously get a chance to improve by running the scout team, and hopefully over the course of the next couple years he will improve enough to take over as Stafford's backup when Shaun Hill moves on.

The Lions kick off the 2012 season against the St. Louis Rams on Saturday at Ford Field. The game is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. ET.

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