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Mike Ilitch Reached Out to Magic Johnson About Buying Pistons

Earlier this week, Magic Johnson sold his shares in the Los Angeles Lakers and Starbucks, making it known that he’d like to be a majority owner of a sports franchise.

Johnson told the Los Angeles Times that Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch has reached out to him about being part of the ownership group that would buy the Detroit Pistons. However, Johnson has yet to talk directly to Ilitch about any such opportunity.

From the LA Times:

“I talked with Golden State. I will talk with [Ilitch about] Detroit,” Johnson said. “Just because you talk, that doesn’t mean you are going to do a deal. But I’ll be looking at every opportunity because I’m a businessman and that’s what I do. I look at deals every day.”

Johnson has also expressed strong interest in being part of any effort that would bring a NFL team back to Los Angeles. He also recently met with the group that is purchasing the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, but those talks went nowhere.