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Ndamukong Suh Shoots Free Throws For Charity At Pistons Game (Video)

At last Friday's home opener for the Pistons, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh showed off his basketball skills by stepping to the free throw line for charity. Every free throw he made in 24 seconds was worth $200 for charity, and Suh actually did quite well. He shot 11 total free throws during the 24 seconds and knocked down six of them, good for $1200 to charity. Check it out:



It's not all that surprising that Suh did so well considering he is so athletic despite being a defensive tackle. Growing up he played soccer, and he was a basketball player in high school, so it's not like he's never shot hoops before. Even so, it's pretty amazing that he made six of his 11 attempts when you consider that Ben Wallace, an actual NBA player, is only two of 11 this year from the free throw line. I'm obviously not going to say that Suh is a better basketball player than Wallace, but c'mon Ben, you can't let a defensive tackle for the Lions out-shoot you from the free throw line.