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Mike Ilitch On Pistons Sale: 'We’re Getting Close'

Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Tigers and Red Wings, spoke about the sale of the Pistons today while in Toronto for the induction of Jimmy Devellano into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Ilitch didn't discuss a whole lot about the progress of the sale, but he did say, "We're getting close." There has been speculation that the sale would move forward drastically this month, and based on Ilitch's comment today, it seems things are moving in that direction.

Ilitch was also asked about the future of the Pistons' current home, The Palace of Auburn Hills. Once again, he declined to discuss the situation in detail, but he did make it clear what his future intentions are for where the Pistons and the Red Wings will play.

When asked whether the Wings could play at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Ilitch said: "Well, I don’t want to get into all that. We’re going to build a stadium in Detroit. ... I want two teams in one building. So that’s all I can tell you." 

It seems to be only a matter of time until this sale is complete. When it is, Mike Ilitch will have control of three of Detroit's four professional sports franchises.