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Pistons' Richard Hamilton: It Hurts That Someone Said I Quit

When something as explosive as accusations that a player has quit on his team hit the news cycle, it’s likely not going to be ignored.

The Pistons beat brigade talked to Hamilton about his new role off the bench after Tuesday’s practice. But Hamilton wanted to talk about the quote in Vincent Goodwill’s story in the Detroit News.


“Nah, the biggest thing that hurt me was a source in the organization said I quit,” Hamilton said in reference to a Detroit News report.

“I was like, wow,” he continued. “That was hard for me because the last nine years I just went out and played hard, played aggressive, did put everything on the line every night. To hear that allegation, it was tough on me.”

The question is whether that quote came from a teammate, the front office, or someone on the coaching staff. Has Hamilton confronted anyone whom he thinks might have said he quit on the team? It’s hard to imagine he’d just let that just hang in the air. But maybe addressing it with the media is how he’s chosen to handle the situation.

Or maybe a team meeting is in the future.

When asked if he wanted to be traded, Hamilton was evasive with an answer. Maybe he realizes that making demands wouldn’t make it any easier for Joe Dumars to deal him.

You can hear the whole interview at, as Chris Iott posted the audio.