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Jonas Jerebko To Lose Protective Boot, Can Start Rehab

Jonas Jerebko may not miss as much time as he initially thought.

The Pistons’ second-round pick from last year is set to rid himself of the protective boot that has been protecting his torn Achilles tendon and can start the rehab process. Jerebko wasn’t enthusiastic after the injury occurred, but is much more optimistic now.

“It was killing me, I’m not going to lie, but now I’m feeling good again, and I know I’m going to get back,” Jerebko said. "There are a lot of thoughts running around in your head after you get an injury like that, but now I feel confident and ready to come back.

It was previously thought he might miss five months, but that timetable might be much shorter.

“(Team trainer) Arnie (Kander) says he don’t make timetables,” Jerebko said. “He don’t have a schedule, so we’ll take it as it comes, and we’ll see after that.”

There hasn’t been much promise from Auburn Hills this season, but this is by far the most exciting news this season.