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What Roster Is Rodney Stuckey Looking At?

The Pistons won 27 games in 2009-2010. They'll enter the 2010-2011 season with virtually the same core, but additions of Tracy McGrady, Greg Monroe and Terrico White. Although the Pistons roster was depleted with never-ending injury problems last year, going into the offseason they were still far from being one of the top teams in the NBA on paper. However, that didn't stop Rodney Stuckey from telling Dime Mag the exact opposite:

Last year was tough. We were inconsistent. There was no chemistry. We all just have to stay healthy and the sky is the limit for us. On paper, we are the best team in the League. We are deep and athletic. All we have to do is play to our abilities. We don’t have the biggest roster, but if we share the ball, we’ll be alright.

Who knows what goes on in an athlete's head when exuding such overconfidence, but, as a fan, I can't be upset about it. I can laugh, but I can't be mad that Stuckey is letting fans know that missing the playoffs next season won't be for a lack of confidence in their own ability. Of course, Stuckey should probably know that this type of comment could lead to unreasonable hope for the less-informed fans, which will then lead to greater disappointment. As a result, that will lead to an increased likelihood that the fans will hate their team's players. No pressure, though, Stuckey. 


Now, if Stuckey was looking at the NBA2k11 pre-release roster ratings, he may have a legitimate point here. The Pistons player ratings (69) average out to be better than the already crowned Miami Heat's average (68.53). To be fair, if certain players pan out and the team remains completely healthy, they do have potential to be one of the deeper teams in the league -- deeper being the key word there. Best? I don't think anyone not wearing Rainbow tinted glasses would admit that the Pistons roster of 15 ranks even close to the top in the NBA, on paper or on the court. I'll allow the 'stone to prove us wrong, though.