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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Pistons And Nets Portion Reportedly Complete; Rest Hinges On Nuggets

It looks like the Denver Nuggets are putting up a goal line stand. Despite the trade being reportedly very close to being complete yesterday, the Nuggets are now trying to extract more from the Nets in exchange for their superstar free agent to be. 

Via CBS Sports' Ken Berger:

The Nuggets, negotiating from a position of strength because they own the most coveted asset in the trade, are trying to extract one more quality young player and more cost savings from the current framework of the deal -- and if they can't do that, expand it or explore other scenarios to ensure they are getting the most assets possible for parting with their superstar.

Meanwhile, Chris Broussard is reporting a little more specifically that the Nuggets would like the Nets to take back both Al Harrington (five years, $35 million) and Renaldo Balkman (three years, $5 million). If the Nuggets are firm in their stance on the Nets taking these two, then the entire framework of the deal may need to be restructured. 

NBA FanHouse's Chris Tomasson says it remains to be seen that Carmelo Anthony is willing to sign an extension with the Nets and that nothing is imminent. He also transcribed Anthony's candid interview today in which Anthony implied he doesn't want to see Chauncey Billups traded away from his hometown. That could also explain Broussard's report of the Nuggets requesting the Nets take on additional (different?) players. 

Anthony is also not so sure anything is imminent: 

Melo was asked why he thinks there will be no trade this week "That's just my feeling. I don't think so. I don't want to elaborate on that.'

Before giving that answer, he suggested a trade may not happen all the way up until the trade deadline.

For those looking to see if certain players involved in the deal were with their respective teams today, Richard Hamilton was with the Pistons in Chicago during their morning shootaround; Anthony remains practicing with the Nuggets and the only thing keeping Chauncey Billups from practicing was a "headache." (I know, Chauncey; us, too).  

Don't hold your breath, but check back here for more updates as they become available to us.