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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Three-Way Trade Between Nuggets, Nets And Pistons On Hold For Now

It's been said that the longer this drags on, the more likely the smallest thing could become the proverbial wrench in the machine. On Sunday, the deal was reportedly close, but with each passing day it seems to be further and further from happening. 

Early Tuesday, Nets coach Avery Johnson hinted that a deal is probably not going to happen in at least the next six days:

Hours before leaving for a four-game West Coast road trip, Johnson said today he didn’t expect any roster changes during the trip.

Johnson refused to guarantee there wouldn’t be any changes, but it might be tough to make a deal involving more than a dozen players, including eight from the Nets, with the team playing four games in six days.

While the deal was supposedly hinging on the Nuggets, Chris Broussard reported later on Tuesday that it might actually be Anthony holding things up: 

According to several league sources, Anthony has not told anyone, not even his representatives, that he will sign a contract extension with the Nets.

One source who has spoken with Anthony since trade talks between Denver, New Jersey and Detroit became public last weekend said the Nuggets forward has never even hinted at signing with New Jersey.

Again, the longer this carries on, the chances of a deal happening deteriorate. Several sources have reported that the Nuggets/Nets/Pistons have gotten too far in the negotiations to back down now. But, if Anthony is adamant about not signing an extension with the Nets, then that will undoubtedly be a deal killer.

On the bright side, Chauncey Billups -- a piece of the trade who was openly against leaving his hometown to become a Net -- might be warming to the idea of reuniting with Richard Hamilton

"I’m sure we will find out soon if it will be a reality or not," Billups told Yahoo! Sports. "I’ll be ready either way. Of course, Rip is pulling for anything to get out of his current situation. We will see."

Time will tell. Keep checking back here for updates as this progresses, but I wouldn't expect anything by Friday.