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Pistons Ranked As NBA's 13th Most Valuable Franchise

The Pistons were one of 17 teams to lose money last season, resulting in their overall value falling by more than $100 million, according to Forbes.

The Pistons were ranked as the fourth most valuable team in the NBA at $479 million last year, but fell to $360 million after a dismal season which saw the team post one of the worst records in the league. Detroit now ranks 13th on the Forbes list. New York ranked first at $655 million.

Whether this will have an effect on the sale of the team is unclear, but it sure can’t hurt front-runner Tom Gores’ chances. Gores was awarded an exclusive 30-day window to buy the team on Jan. 7. Previously, Red Wings and Tigers owner Mike Ilitch had been granted a 30-day window back in October, but lowered his bid once he saw the Pistons’ declining value.