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NBA Lockout: NBPA Rejects 'Final' Deal From Owners, Will Sue And Decertify

On Monday, the NBA Players Association met to discuss the latest proposal (the second final proposal, as it happens) from the league owners in regards to a potential deal to end the lockout. Such a deal could not be agreed upon, though, and the players have officially rejected the deal, and will file anti-trust action against the league. Derek Fisher told the media, "This is where it stops for us as a union."

Said union will disband immediately, and the NBA is likely to be sued for anti-trust violations in the next couple of days. The players association will be transformed into a trade association, in the same way that the NFL players association had done during their lockout earlier in 2011. It's a critical comparison, seeing as the NFL, at this point in the proceedings, had only lost one game - a preseason Hall of Fame game, and the NBA has already lost a two weeks of games.

Before this meeting and this "final final" deal, Commissioner David Stern commented that this deal would be the last one that included figured like the 50% split - saying that the league would soon be talking about the 47% figure if this deal is rejected.

As Adrian Wojnarowski says on Twitter:

The chances of losing the entire 2011-12 season has suddenly become the likelyhood.