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NBA Cancels More Games As Players File Lawsuits

If the NBA lockout wasn't messy over the past few months, the decision by the players to decertify the union on Monday has certainly put the negotiations there now. The NBA decided to cancel more games on Tuesday and, shortly thereafter, players including Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups filed lawsuits against the league.

The league has informed teams that all games are canceled through Dec. 15, leaving the possibility of a 72-game schedule still intact if some sort of miracle happens in the next couple of days. Considering the NBA needs about a month to start the new season, however, it was more the calendar cancelling games as opposed to the league itself.

The lawsuits that were filed Tuesday night included serious allegations against the league.

The plaintiffs argue that the lockout "constitutes an illegal group boycott, price-fixing agreement, and/or restraint of trade in violation of the Sherman Act" and that the owners' final offer for a new CBA would have "wiped out the competitive market for most NBA players."

This might actually get worse before it gets better.