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Pistons Guard Rodney Stuckey Has Offer To Play In China

If it were not for the lockout, the Detroit Pistons would have opened the season at the Palace of Auburn Hills (where they actually had a winning record, 21-20 last season) tonight against the Indiana Pacers.

Alas, all of November's games have been canceled, and so the Pistons must wait a minimum of one more month to get start the season following a disappointing 30-52 campaign last year.

Meanwhile, guard Rodney Stuckey apparently (still) has an offer to play professionally in China, where a trio of Nuggets -- Wilson Chandler, Kenyon Martin, and J.R. Smith -- are currently playing.

ESPN has it that Stuckey held off on making a decision last week because it seemed like a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement could be made. It remains unclear if and win that will happen, but ESPN reports that Guangdong still has its offer on the table to the 25-year-old.

It had been previously reported that Chinese teams who signed NBA players would not be required to release them in the event the lockout ends, but the latest rumors suggest that Chinese teams would probably do so.