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NBA Lockout Update: Union Rejects Owners' Offer

NBA players rejected David Stern's latest offer, a day before the Commissioner's Nov. 9 ultimatum deadline, which threatened that offers would only get worse from here on.

Embattled union executive director Billy Hunter reiterated that the deal was not fair for the players.

"The players are clearly of the mind that it's an unacceptable proposal," union executive director Billy Hunter said. "But because of their commitment to the game and their desire to play, they're saying to us that we want you to go back, see if you can go back, get a better deal."

The players' association president Derek Fisher does not see a way of getting a deal done between now and end of business Wednesday, and hopes to meet with Stern soon.

The union did not conduct a formal vote of the players assembled in the room Tuesday, but sources told's Marc Stein that the group reached more of an informal "everyone agrees" position that authorizes Hunter and Fisher to accept a 50-50 split of basketball-related income in future negotiations as long as the league makes some concessions on certain system issues.

The Pistons have not been specifically in the lockout news much since the recently-minted @NBA_Labor Twitter account went on the defensive and offensive against (surprise, surprise) Charlie Villanueva last week.