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Ben Wallace Sentenced To Probation

In the wake of pleading guilty to drunken driving and weapons charges, Detroit Pistons' center Ben Wallace was sentenced to probation with a fine on Tuesday. The charges stem from a drunken driving incident on September 24th in Bloomfield Township. Wallace plead guilty a few weeks ago, and received his punishment today:

Wallace was sentenced to a $600 fine and one year probation. Wallace will also incur $1620 in supervisory costs. Wallace will have to pay $130 to the Crime Victims fund and perform 30 hours of community service at the Boys and Girls Club.

Wallace recently announced he was returning for a 16th NBA season this year for the Pistons. Wallace started 49 games last season and averaged 2.9 points and 6.5 rebounds per game in an average of 23 minutes. For his career he has been a rebounding force, averaging 10 rebounds per game. He is also known for his stout interior defense.