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VIDEO: Pistons Go All Out For 2011-12 Intros

The Detroit Pistons opened up the home portion of their 2011-12 NBA schedule on Wednesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The game -- a 105-89 loss -- was anything but memorable for the Pistons. In fact, the best part of the night, aside from rookie Brandon Knight's 23-point home debut, was probably what happened before the game.

The Pistons debuted a new video for their pre-game introductions, and it featured the city of Detroit. With the help of several thousand glow in the dark thundersticks, a contraption that read "Detroit Basketball" and shot smoke out of the top and fog out of the bottom, the Chrysler commercial version of "Lose Yourself" and, of course, PA announcer John Mason, it was a pretty cool way to open up the Palace for the 2011-12 season.

Video of the intros can be found after the jump.