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NBA Trade Rumors 2011: Chris Kaman Could Be Part Of Tayshaun Prince Deal

Earlier this week, the LA Times reported that the Los Angeles Clippers could be interested in veteran free agent Tayshaun Prince. As has been the speculated all along, Prince could be involved in a sign-and-trade with the Pistons. If that sign-and-trade is to the Clippers, the Pistons could acquire big man Chris Kaman:

At 31, this is likely the last long-term deal Prince will sign, and he won't command the $11.1 million he made with the Pistons last season, the final season of a five-year deal he signed in 2005. The ideal candidate in a sign-and-trade is Kaman.

Kaman, 29, who attended Central Michigan from 2000-03, went through an injury-plagued season last year with the Clippers, averaging 12.4 points and seven rebounds. The season before, when he played 76 games, he averaged a career-high 18.5 points and 9.3 rebounds.

The Clippers are under the salary cap but want to keep restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan, who will command a lot of attention in the abbreviated free-agency period. Jordan plays the same position as Kaman, whom the Pistons would gladly take off the Clippers' hands.

The idea of a "big man" excites a lot of Pistons fans, but Kaman leaves a lot to be desired once you look behind the decorative stats. Hopefully, Kaman-to-Detroit rumors are just reliving old memories and nothing comes to fruition.