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Detroit Pistons Free Agency Rumors: Rodney Stuckey A Sign-And-Trade Candidate

NBA free agency begins on Friday and the Detroit Pistons are remaining relatively quiet on their next step. Detroit is only about $10 million under the league's salary cap, meaning they do not have a whole lot of space free to sign a marquee name. SB Nation NBA writer Tom Ziller thinks the Pistons could possibly sign and trade Rodney Stuckey in his extensive breakdown of their offseason:

There is strikingly little buzz about Stuckey, once the perceived future star of the Pistons. Though Detroit has Knight, Will Bynum, Rip Hamilton and Ben Gordon in the backcourt, if the offers are low or nonexistent, the Pistons could keep Stuck and figure it out later. There's little chance that Joe Dumars will let Jonas Jerebko loose; the Swede missed all of 2010-11 after a standout rookie campaign, and while there's interest around the league, Detroit should be in position to keep him.

The Pistons are also unlikely to use their amnesty clause to cut players like Charlie Villanueva or Ben Gordon, meaning there likely won't be any dramatic roster moves.