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Tom Gores Attends Pistons Game; Is Sale Nearing Completion?

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Not a whole lot has been said publicly about the Detroit Pistons sale lately. Really the only public comments came last week from the NBA, which said that Tom Gores and the Pistons "are continuing to work towards completion of a deal." Gores and Karen Davidson are keeping things close to the vest, but it's not tough to connect the dots and realize that the completion of this sale may happen quite soon.

Last night, Gores was at The Palace for the Pistons/Spurs game. He watched the game from Davidson's luxury suite, and when asked if this was a good sign for the sale, Davidson simply replied, "We're family."

Last week, Gores reportedly hired a public relations firm to help him in the Metro Detroit area should he buy the team. Nothing is official until it is official, but this is yet another sign that a deal is imminent. Negotiations can obviously break down at any time, as we found out with Mike Ilitch quickly lowering his bid last year, but the fact that Gores watched a Pistons game from Davidson's suite indicates that things are getting close.

Another indication that the sale is close to being done comes from Matt Dery. As he walked past Davidson's suite during last night's game, Dery heard one of Gores' "buddies" yell to a friend, "We are at the 2 yard line." That could mean anything considering it was heard without context, but that does seem to be where the sale is at right now. Gores appears to be knocking on the doorstep of becoming the Pistons' new owner, and right now it seems like it's only a matter of time until the purchase is officially made.