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Richard Hamilton On Disney Junior's 'Imagination Movers'

The Detroit Pistons season hasn't exactly played out like a heartwarming Disney flick this season. Ironically enough, one of the players most responsible for the team's struggles and embarrassing insubordinations, Richard Hamilton, will be making a joyous appearance on Disney Junior's 'Imagination Movers' on Friday at 1:30 p.m. ET. 'Imagination Movers' are a child rock band that I absolutely had to look up on Wikipedia to know that.

Here's a clip via ESPN:



The episode is fittingly titled "Slam Dunk Solution," and features Richard Hamilton dunking (something he hasn't done in a real game) on a short rim and blocking at least two shots (more than his season total). The end of the clip above has the 'Imagination Movers' acting surprised when Hamilton reveals he's a professional basketball player [low hanging fruit that I'm about to take up the middle for a seeing-eye single]. Yeah, with the way he's played and acted this year, it's led many Pistons fans to wonder, too [rimshot].