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Charlie Villanueva Needs To Be Restrained By Police After Ejection

Charlie Villanueva has made headlines once again this season, but again for something other than his play. During the fourth quarter of Monday night's loss to the Cavs, he and Ryan Hollins got into a little scuffle that blew up shortly thereafter [via MLIVE]:

Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins become locked up with each other on the court with 5:47 left in the game. Each raked the other across the face with his hand before the two were separated.

A few moments later, after both were ejected, Villanueva tried to get at Hollins but was wrestled toward the tunnel by Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey and head of security Jerry Hendon. As he made his way down the tunnel, Villanueva gestured toward Hollins as if challenging him to meet him in the locker room area.

According to reports by witnesses, Villanueva later raced out of the Pistons locker room and ran toward the Cavaliers locker room. At one point, he yelled, "I'm going to kill that dude." Police eventually restrained Villanueva in a loading dock area between the locker rooms and led Villanueva back to the Pistons locker room.

According to MLIVE's James Schmehl, Hollins threw an elbow that caught Villanueva in the lip and then said something 'smart.' Villanueva admitted he probably overreacted.

Here's video of the incident in question.

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