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Tom Gores Dances To Journey And Speaks Of Work To Be Done As Pistons Owner

New Pistons owner Tom Gores (ah, feels so good to type that, even if it's not officially official, yet) was at the Pistons/Cavaliers game the other night and was a huge hit with the crowd. At one point, he was shown on the jumbotron dancing to Journey's Don't Stop Believin' as ex-Pistons owner Bill Davidson's widow Karen Davidson looked on, enjoying the show.

Before the celebration during the game, Gores spoke with the Pistons' beat writers about how "ecstatic" he is to be soon taking over the team as its owner [via Detroit News]:

"This is a community asset. This is not an asset we are going to handle alone. We have to do this together.

"This is us. I'm excited to be back in Michigan. And I'm happy that everybody's kind of welcoming me back," he said. "I grew up in sports. But mostly, I'm excited about inspiring the town." [...]

"I'll be whatever owner this team needs and this franchise needs," said Gores, who lives in Beverly Hills, Calif., but also maintains a residence on Grosse Ile. "So when they need me back in Michigan, I'll be back."

"I'll be impactful, that's for sure. I want us to be successful. I didn't show up here not to be successful."

"Whatever it takes." [...]

The best quote -- though he may not have done this consciously -- was when he paid homage to the 2004 championship team by saying the Pistons need to go to work:

"Bill clearly built this house, and I have to build on it. I haven't done anything, yet. Bill did a lot. He built this stadium, he built the team, he built the championships and we have to go to work."

"All we want to do now is go to work and help the team, the Pistons organization, the community."

"All we've done is make a deal to buy the team," he said. "We have to do more, and that's what we're here for."

Gores certainly has his hands full with this team and will need to make some tough decisions in the coming months before next season. He has already stated that Dumars will be the team's GM as long as he wants, which is probably disconcerting to some. But I have a feeling Gores will pull out a short leash if the team's success doesn't make a quick comeback.

Gores was dancing Monday night and so are Pistons fans now that this saga is over. Now, let's go build the city another champion.