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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Detroit Pistons Select Kemba Walker

SB Nation released its latest 2011 NBA mock draft earlier this week. After being predicted to pick Kentucky's Terrence Jones in the first edition, SB Nation now has the Detroit Pistons slated to pick UConn guard Kemba Walker. I know what you're thinking: "More guards?!" Let's at least hear the prediction out.

What's a combo guard between friends? Walker can join Rodney Stuckey (a restricted free agent) and Ben Gordon in Detroit, where Rip Hamilton will be back on the trading block all offseason. The Pistons have depth at small forward (Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye) and a good starting center in Greg Monroe. Other than that? Who knows.

This prediction seems both terrible and potentially accurate at the same time. The last thing the Pistons need right now is another shooting guard, with or without Richard Hamilton on the trading block. That said, this seems like something Joe Dumars would do. He brought in Ben Gordon a couple years ago despite there being more than enough guards on the team, so I wouldn't put it past him to draft another former UConn player in Walker.

Of course, this is all based on the Pistons ending up with the seventh pick. That's where they will likely be picking during the NBA Draft, but let's just hope the lottery goes in their favor and they land one of the top picks.