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2011 NBA Draft Order: Detroit Pistons Will Pick 8th

The Detroit Pistons went into the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery favored to end up with the seventh overall pick for the second year in a row. They finished with the seventh-worst record in 2010-11, so that's where they were set to pick if the NBA Draft Lottery didn't put the Pistons or a team behind them in the top three.

After the ping pong balls were drawn and the 2011 NBA Draft order was set, we found out that the Pistons are actually picking eighth. It's bad enough that they didn't move into the top three for the second year in a row, but they actually moved down a spot from where everybody expected them to pick.

The reason the Pistons moved down a spot is because the Cleveland Cavaliers had a pick acquired via a trade bumped into the top three. Despite the long odds, the Clippers' original pick leapfrogged all the way up to the first overall selection, meaning Detroit will only pick eighth. A year ago, Detroit picked seventh and took Greg Monroe, who was the Pistons' representative at this year's lottery.