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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Detroit Pistons Select Brandon Knight

SB Nation's first post-lottery 2011 NBA mock draft has been posted. In it, the Detroit Pistons are predicted to select Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight with the eighth overall selection. He was their selection in SB Nation's mock draft a couple weeks ago at the seventh pick, and he is still the predicted selection despite Detroit moving down a spot.

The reasoning for the pick has to do with the Pistons' unsettled backcourt. While the disclaimer is that Knight may not be the answer in the backcourt, he is better than most guards in the 2011 NBA Draft, so the thinking is he would be a good pick for the Pistons.

Personally I'd rather see Detroit take a big man, although Bismack Biyombo is already off the board in this mock draft. He has been commonly mentioned as a potential pick for the Pistons, but dropping down a spot could make it tougher for Detroit to land him.