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Pistons Not Interested In Richard Hamilton Trade To Cavs

Multiple people shot down Chris Broussard's report about the Detroit Pistons being in talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves about a three-team trade that would send Richard Hamilton to Cleveland. A few hours later, Broussard himself said the Pistons aren't interested in making the deal as it's currently proposed.

Detroit won't do 3-team deal as proposed. Would need to get players back in return for Rip and 8th pick...stay tuned

David Aldridge said on Twitter that there is "absolutely no chance" of this "supposed" deal happening. As Aldridge pondered, why would the Pistons give up a first-round pick to get rid of Hamilton? It doesn't make a ton of sense from their perspective, as they would be giving up an awful lot just to move Hamilton.

The Detroit Free Press' Vincent Ellis, who was one of the first people to deny the Pistons were in talks, wrote an article about why the move "makes no sense" for the Pistons. While they would get some freed up cap room, it's not a good deal at all for the Pistons, which explains why they aren't apparently as interested as Broussard initially thought.