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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Detroit Pistons Select Brandon Knight

SB Nation's latest 2011 NBA mock draft is out. The Detroit Pistons, after being predicted to take UConn guard Kemba Walker and Kentucky forward Terrence Jones in the last two editions, are now slated to take Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight.

The reasoning behind the pick is that the Pistons' roster is a mystery, especially at point guard. There is a lot of uncertainty with that position, and the Pistons could bring in a guy like Knight to be the starter going forward. What happens with Rodney Stuckey and Tracy McGrady remains to be seen, but the Pistons could solidify the position with Knight if this mock draft turns out to be correct.

The 2011 NBA Draft Lottery is set to take place on May 17. When it does we will find out if the Pistons will in fact pick seventh in the 2011 NBA Draft or if they will get to move up into the top three.