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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Would Alec Burks Fit In On The Bucks?

The 2011 NBA Draft is on the horizon, and the Pistons hold the eighth overall pick. What will they do to try and bolster their talent? Assuming of course they keep the pick at all. Steve Alexander of Rotoworld just came out with his latest mock draft, and he has the Pistons taking Colorado shooting guard Alec Burks. Here is his rationale.

Burks is a true shooting guard and with the future of Rip Hamilton up in the air, as well as the constant struggles of Ben Gordon, getting a shooting guard (or small forward) makes sense for Detroit. Burks might be a reach at No. 8, but the Pistons could easily roll the dice on him.

The Pistons don't have a lot of guys that are locks to be successful at a specific position. Burks is a strictly defined shooting guard. Whether or not he will be a success there remains to be seen, but he certainly has a lot of talent and every opportunity to be a successful player in the NBA.